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My Shoot with Brittany


Find out what inspires NEISH, what's to come and everything in between.

My Shoot with Brittany

Sheri Lola


My shoot with Brittany

1. Q. Where is your dream vacation?

A. Maldives

2. Q. What place have you traveled to that made the best memories?

A. Tokyo

3. Q. What's the first thing you think to pack when going on vacation?

A.  " The things I always buy for vacations is shoes and bathing suits, so I think those would be my first thoughts to pack haha"

4. Q. How many swimsuits did you pack for your last vacation?

A. At least 5

5. Q. Would you wear a thong bikini?

A. Yes, on a private trip with my man, no- if going with others.

6. Q. Do you prefer to accessorize with a cover up, without, or both?

A. Yes with and without depending on the occasion and or if it adds to the outfit.

7. Q. Do you prefer a one piece swimsuit or two piece?

A. " I like both but only wear bikinis right now, still looking for a one piece with a good fit for my body"

8. Q. What do you think about the return of the high-cut swimsuit trend?

A. Love, so sexy, really draws attention to the body.

9. Q. When shopping for a swimsuit style do you base your selection on how your tan lines may come out? 

A. No.

10. Q. Which of the following describes your taste in swimwear?:

A. Bright and Bold

B. Neutral and modest

C. Sexy and revealing


11. Q. If you had to choose one out of the following colors, which color would you pick for your birthday trip swimsuit?





E.White - " can't wait for a white NEISH swimsuit <3"