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My Shoot with Jenyeli (Inspiration edition)


Find out what inspires NEISH, what's to come and everything in between.

My Shoot with Jenyeli (Inspiration edition)

Sheri Lola

1. Q. Where is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be to go to Europe, I know this must be everyone’s dream vacation
but Europe is where my mom has always wanted to go and I promised her I’ll take her so its
more of a sentimental reason behind it.

2. Q. What place have you traveled to that made the best memories?

I have had the best memories ever when I went to the Bahamas with my sister, It was just us 2
and I have never gotten so drunk in my life! Not only did we have great experiences but It was the
first time I had gone away to a different country thats not my home land DR, and who better
share that then with my sister.

3. Q. What's the first thing you think to pack when going on vacation?

The first thing I think is my bikinis!! I need to make sure I am going to be looking right, and also
my tanning oils.

4. Q. How many swimsuits did you pack for your last vacation?

On my last vacation I took with me about 7-10 bikinis, Options are highly necessary.

5. Q. Would you wear a thong bikini?

I would most definitely wear a thong bikini, I personally believe in “ If you have it, flaunt it” but
it would also depend on the occasion, I don't think ill wear a thong bikini when I'm out at the
beach with my family and my grandmother is present, but ill definitely wear one if I'm on
vacation or beach day with my homegirls.

6. Q. Do you prefer to accessorize with a cover up, without, or both?

I’m a huge fan of accessories so ill never say no to a good cover up but when I'm feeling myself
ill definitely prefer to show my goodies. Cover up or not ill still slay !

7. Q. Do you prefer a one piece swimsuit or two piece?

One pieces are life!! even though your showing less, which is not an issue, I feel like a good one
piece will accentuate a womans curves more.

8. Q. What do you think about the return of the high-cut swimsuit trend?

Love love love high cut, Its awesome that its coming back, if you have some nice toned out legs
and nice hips, high cut would be your perfect go to. I also love that its trending because more
females will see it and feel more comfortable wearing them.

9. Q. When shopping for a swimsuit, style do you base your selection on how your tan lines may come out? 

Tan lines are super important to me but to be honest with you I also like change, I sometimes feel
like the swimsuits that result in good tan lines are sort of basic. We are living in an era where
being different is the new norm so my motto now is if its cute/different, and will make my booty
look nice, I’m getting it!


10. Q. Which of the following describes your taste in swimwear?:

A. Bright and Bold

B. Neutral and modest

C. Sexy and revealing


11. Q. If you had to choose one out of the following colors, which color would you pick for your birthday trip swimsuit?








H. Black


You posted a before and after photo of yourself showing your weight loss and it is very inspiring. 

How did you lose the weight?

I lost the weight by simply going to the gym, I know this may probably sound like a bummer to
most being that when I was finding ways to loose the weight ill get slightly disappointed when
people would give me that response. I guess I was looking for this magical form of loosing
weight that didn't involve the gym but I have came to realize it doesn't exist. I personally didn't
follow a strict diet I did make a few adjustments to what I was consuming but I would have to
say the gym is what mainly helped me.

What can you tell other women who want to lose weight but are having a hard time?

My advice to females out there that are having trouble loosing the weight is simple,
CONSISTENCY! You don't have to go hard just make sure your consistent, your not going to
see results as quickly as others but that doesn't mean you should give up. Find out what your
doing wrong, Fix it , and get to grinding because you can do it and it truly is possible.

How do you maintain your weight these days?

I maintain my weight by keeping the gym consistent, I make sure I always make time for the
gym even if its only going to be a 30 min work out. I also watch what I eat and make sure I'm
always hydrated.